Sedona Screen Metal Bird Feeder

Hiatt Manufacturing


Attract a wide variety of birds with the Sedona Screen Bird Feeder! Its innovative design features 4 ports, a seed screen, and a tray with plenty of perching space, so multiple birds can feed in their most natural positions, whether clinging to the screen, perching, and even upside-down! The feeder features an easy twist-off top and base for convenient filling and cleaning. Built-in drainage holes help to keep seeds dry, while the seed diverter design keeps fresh seeds moving into feeding areas. The metal seed ports are removable for thorough cleaning. The screen has a seed capacity of nearly 3 lbs. and is made of steel for durability. With a stylish modern cover design and yellow powder-coated, weather resistant finish, the Sedona Screen is the perfect way to make your birds’ day!

  • Birds feed in their most natural positions – clinging to the screen, perching on the tray or 4 ports, upside-down and more
  • Twist lock design – twist-off top and base for easy filling & cleaning
  • Removable seed ports for thorough cleaning
  • Metal cover, tray, & 4 ports with weather-resistant powder-coated yellow finish
  • 2.8 lb. seed capacity durable steel screen
  • Drainage holes and seed diverter to help keep seeds flowing, fresh & dry 
  • Dimensions: 12.25 x 8 x 8 inch