Barn Mesh Suet/Seed Bird Feeder

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SKU: GEF1013

Give your home and backyard a farm and country feel with a gorgeous Barn Mesh Suet/Seed Bird Feeder. The feeder is built with high quality materials that will leave it looking great for years. The beautifully decorated wire mesh body holds 1 standard suet/seed cake behind the barn door and approximately 5 cups of large bird seed such as black oil sunflower, safflower, shelled peanuts or suet pellets. It includes durable metal hanging chain and hook for easy display. 

  • Easy to fill and clean 
  • Holds 5 Cups of Bird Seed, Shelled Peanuts, Suet Pellets and 1 Suet or Seed Cake 
  • Includes durable metal hanging chain and hook 
  • Dimensions: 2" L x 9" W x 16.5" H 
  • Weight:0.93 lb