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Welcome to Momma's Home Store

Growing up in a small Tennessee town, I spent most of my free time outdoors. I could always count on birds to be singing and bees to be buzzing. Some of my fondest memories as a child took place in my own backyard. From flying June bugs around on thread and running from momma Blue Jay for getting too close to her babies to chasing grasshoppers and frogs barefoot around the yard while trying not to get stung—our backyard was a place for laughter and adventure. In today's busy and sometimes hectic world, it's easy to forget that the feeling of peace and tranquility can be so easily attained just a few steps away.

Momma's Home Store is a small family-owned online seller of affordable, high quality backyard bird essentials and outdoor decor. We have a vast selection of products specifically designed to fit your needs, whether that be attracting wild birds, wildlife or insects or entertaining friends and family. Our kinetic garden stakes, garden flags and wind spinners provide fresh decorations for outdoor beautification projects and if you’d like to add a relaxing element to your space, explore our large selection of tranquil melodic wind chimes.

Thanks for visiting us today! Please enjoy browsing our shop. We hope our products help you create beautiful backyards filled with countless memories for years to come.