Quick Clean Nyjer Mesh Bird Feeder - Spruce



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The Quick Clean Nyjer Mesh Bird Feeder offers unlimited potential for attracting goldfinches, siskins, redpolls, purple and house finches. Finches cling to any open spot on the tube and a dozen birds might feed at once! The feeder features a heavy die-cast metal cap, base and a stainless steel mesh tube. The metal cap lifts and pivots easily for filling and cleaning and the 2.75" diameter Quick Clean Base easily removes by squeezing the release tabs for a thorough feeder cleaning. 

  • Made in USA 
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee  
  • Stainless Steel hardware 
  • Capacity: 1.25 Quart Nyjer (thistle) seed 
  • Dimensions: 2.75" D x 14 " H