Plastic Bird Spikes Kit 10 ft

Bird-X Inc


Bird spikes are a 100% effective, maintenance-free, and permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Install bird control spikes on common bird landing surfaces such as rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, or anywhere pest bird roosting and nesting are a problem. Bird spike strips are a guaranteed way to prevent pest birds from landing on your property, while eliminating pest damage and liability. With high-quality materials, these spike kits are sure to last for many years and require little to no maintenance. Bird spikes are immediately 100% effective, harmless, and humane. No need for harsh chemicals or unsafe traps! Get professional results anywhere birds aren’t welcome. 

  • Physical barrier does not harm birds; cruelty-free solution
  • Eliminates landing surfaces, increases property aesthetics and value
  • Safe and effective when installed correctly
  • Includes installation consultation
  • Backed by 5-year warranty 
  • Long-Lasting Polycarbonate is Invisible from a Distance
  • Adhesive is Included in the Box 
  • Dimensions: 10 ft. (10 pieces of 1 ft. long x 3″ wide strips)