Orange Tray Oriole Bird Feeder



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Enjoy hours of watching the delightful orioles as they feast at one of these bright orange plastic oriole bird feeders.

The Tray Oriole Bird Feeder has a 16 oz nectar capacity, 4 perches, a no-drip design, a built-in ant moat and a patented bee guard to keep bees out while birds feed. Oriole bird feeders may be hung or pole mounted. Place up to four orange slices on top of tray in designated slice holders to increase your chances of drawing orioles to your backyard.

  • 16 oz capacity
  • Built-in ant moat keeps ants out of nectar
  • Patented bee guard
  • Hang or pole-mount  
  • 4 orange-slice shaped feeding ports with perches
  • 10 inch diameter