Orange Oriole Nectar Bird Feeder 32 oz



The four perch/feeding station set-up makes this feeder one of the most economical and convenient oriole bird feeders on the market!

The Orange Oriole Nectar Bird Feeder features an orange slice decor, a 32 oz nectar capacity, four feeding ports with bee guards, and a two-position perch that adjusts to feed all varieties of orioles.

The clear, plastic reservoir makes it easy for you to monitor nectar levels and unscrews easily from the feeder base for quick cleaning and filling. 

  • 32 oz nectar capacity
  • Orange slice shaped ports to attract orioles
  • Features 4 feeding stations with bee guards
  • Two-position perch that adjusts to feed all varieties of orioles
  • Easy to disassemble and clean 
  • Dimensions: 7.26" W x 8.93" H