Nectar Fortress Natural Ant Repellent

Sapphire Labs


Simply draw a line of Nectar Fortress natural gel across any paths ants might use to get to your feeder. Made from food based ingredients, it repels ants, but is safe for use around children, birds and pets. Nectar Fortress is weatherproof, so one application lasts the whole season. One tube contains enough gel to protect 10 feeders. Nectar Fortress is also great for protecting any outdoor area from ants, beehives and hanging plants. It's one line ants refuse to cross.

Cinnamon oil, the ant repelling ingredient of Nectar Fortress is used at such a low level that it is not a concern as an irritant. Nectar Fortress was designed to be inherently safe for hummingbirds, while also solving a common problem for them and their feeders. 

  • Easy to use
  • Protects 10 feeders
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Multi-use ant repellent
  • Lasts the whole season 

It is not sticky, tacky or adhesive in any way.
It does not contain petroleum products, including oil, wax, or grease.