More Birds Oriole Feeder 34 oz

Hiatt Manufacturing


Satisfy Orioles’ sweet-beak with this 34 oz. Oriole Feeder! This sweet nectar feeder features large perches designed for Orioles with 3 feeding locations. Each feeding port includes a patented bee guard that allows orioles to easily feed while keeping bees & wasps from reaching the nectar. The orange bottle holds 34 oz. of nectar and features a wide mouth opening for easy filling. The snap-apart feeder base is designed for easy cleaning, and its vibrantly orange plastic construction will signal to all that Orioles are welcome here!

  • Patented bee guards keep bees & wasps from reaching nectar
  • 34 oz. oriole nectar capacity
  • Wide mouth bottle makes filling easy
  • 3 large perches for multiple orioles to feed at once
  • Orange plastic construction
  • Snap-apart feeder base designed for easy cleaning