Feeder Fresh Bird Feeder Granules 16 oz

Sapphire Labs


Feeder Fresh Bird Feeder Granules prevents mold and caking in your bird feeders, makes them easy to clean, and more appealing to birds. It is a bird-safe moisture trap and seed preservative that fights rain, condensation, leaks and humidity to keep your feeder fresh. Feeder Fresh™ is non-toxic and made from sand, just very absorbent. The essential elements of Feeder Fresh are already consumed by wild birds and needed for their shell strength. It is actually safer than sand and one of the safest materials on Earth

Feeder Fresh has been developed with bird safety in mind. We have done extensive literature research to show that the product is not harmful to birds, and will actually promote the health of wild birds. Feeder Fresh has been endorsed by Dr. Kirk Klasing, University of California Avian Physiologist. 

Birds recognize that the Feeder Fresh granules are not seed and when they encounter one, they just toss it aside. If they were to eat one, the particle would act the same as the sand that birds normally eat for their gizzard. Feeder Fresh does not swell or clump. 

  • Stop mold before it forms
  • All natural
  • Super absorbent 
  • Size: 16 ounce