Chimes of Bach Silver Wind Chime

Woodstock Chimes


Rated as the "best overall" in a review of chimes from the top five makers!

The Chimes of Bach is named for one of music's greatest composers, Johann Sebastian Bach. This wind chime is tuned to the first chord of Bach's Prelude in C from the Well-Tempered Clavier Book I. The beautiful, uplifting tones pay tribute to a man whose music many consider to be the most influential in Western culture. Bach's music continues to enthrall and influence musicians today, from minimalist composer Steve Reich to Wendy Carlos' 1968 moog-synthesized Switched-On Bach. The Chimes of Bach was chosen by The Wall Street Journal as best overall in a comparison of several windchimes. Let our Chimes of Bach turn your garden into a concert hall, and you'll appreciate the sweet music it plays for you. This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee. 

  • Dimensions: 24 in. Overall Length
  • Materials: Cherry finish ash wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes