Butterfly Nectar Feeder Kit

Songbird Essentials

SKU: SE78215

Attract butterflies to your garden or backyard using the Butterfly Nectar Feeder. Designed and tested by a Butterfly Breeder, the patented combination of wicks and tubes that mimic real flower blossoms and small spikes which hold fresh fruit pieces is the number 1 choice of butterfly experts. The feeder design and colors attract butterflies and the nectar reservoir size contains the right amount of nectar to minimize nectar spoilage, which means increased safety for better butterfly health. Included with the feeder is our all natural nectar formula also developed by a butterfly breeder. A list of plants that attract butterflies is also included. Mount on 3/4 inch post or use the included coated wire to hang. 

  • Easy to assemble, fill and clean 
  • Coated hanging wire included
  • Dimensions: 6 inch diameter 7.5" x 3" x 6.25" 
  • Weight: 1.5 lb 
  • Nectar: 5 oz

Nectar powder dissolves instantly in water and makes 104 oz when mixed. Contains sugar, sodium salts and trace minerals.