Purple Martin Decoy



Increase your chances of attracting purple martins by deploying some of these life-sized, highly-detailed, purple martin decoys. Establishing a new colony is often difficult because purple martins are social or colonial nesters. Martins prefer the company of others and are reluctant to be the first to settle at a new site. Decoys are believed to increase the chances of attracting breeding Purple Martins by helping to create the illusion of genuine colony-site activity. This gives scouts the confidence to stay and nest. These decoys come with instructions and all hardware necessary for mounting. Compatible with a variety of housing, including gourds, traditional wood, and aluminum houses. Dimensions: 7" D x 2" W x 2" H. 
  • Purple Martin decoy helps attract Purple Martins to the housing site
  • Painted to resemble an adult Purple Martin
  • Mounts on the railings of Heath Aluminum Purple Martin Houses
  • Lightweight plastic
  • Mounting instructions and hardware included