Indoor Mouse Repellent Packs 4 pk


SKU: SHAKE4152424

Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs are an organic solution for repelling mice from your property throughout the year. Packs are effective in your kitchen, basement, garage, barn, shed, patio, deck, and attic, as well as in boats, recreational vehicles, or any area where mice may be a problem. Shake-Away Mouse Repellent is contained in convenient plastic packs that can be easily placed where needed. Simply place packs anywhere mouse activity is noted or expected, including feeding or nesting sites. Pay particular attention to areas that appear to offer entry to a structure or room. Often a single pack is enough to provide a mouse-free setting for an entire room. The more severe the mouse infestation, the more repellent packs may be necessary to successfully alleviate the problem area. Large areas like basements often require 4 or more repellent packs at a time to keep them mouse free. Packs are still effective well beyond the time they have no detectable odor to humans, since mice have an acute sense of smell.

  • Easy set-up; ready to use packs start working right away
  • Hands-off, no-kill approach means no traps to set and no dead mice to handle; more humane and cleaner than kill products
  • Organic formula keeps your home, family and pets free from nasty, toxic poisons
  • Repellent (as opposed to poisons or traps) removes risk of mice dying in your walls and creating a smelly, unsanitary mess that is difficult to remove
  • Long lasting protection; each package contains four ready-to-use packs that last up to 60 days; our re-sealable package preserves packs you're not using
  • Wide variety of uses: discreet packs can be easily placed out of sight in infested areas of homes, cottages, garages, barns, sheds, campers, cars, boats, RVs, covered trailers and more
  • Quantity: 1 package = four 1.5 oz packs