Burnt Swirl Tubes Bamboo Wind Chime Large


SKU: SE3361044

The Burnt Swirl Tubes Bamboo Wind Chime is a unique design created by using fire to burn the pattern directly onto the bamboo tube. It is entirely hand carved using all natural bamboo and coconut wood. It is then hand painted with non-toxic paints and a weather resistant finish to protect it from the elements. It has 6 hand tuned bamboo tubes that vary in length to produce a soothing, natural tone. Bamboo chimes are a natural and environmentally friendly way to relieve stress, with tones that will soothe the soul and emulate relaxing sounds like rain or exotic drums. Keep your wind chime its best by coating it with polyurethane at the end of every season. 

  • Includes 6 bamboo tubes with a wood striker
  • Made of eco-friendly, fast growing bamboo 
  • Perfect as a gift for yourself or others
  • Hand crafted by artisans on the beautiful island of Bali 
  • Dimensions: 6" W x 45" H