Vacu Vin Wine Tasting Gift Set

Vacu Vin


This Wine Tasting Gift Set is the perfect set of tools for wine novices and enthusiasts, or those that want to take bring the enjoyment from the tasting room and into the home. The set includes all the essentials to enhance your tasting experience: an aerator designed to slow down the wine flow into the glass, allowing it to take up extra oxygen, so enriching the taste, a snap thermometer “snaps” around the bottle and measures the wine temperature so you are assured you are drinking the wine at the optimal temperature. It features a handy index on the backside of the thermometer. The set also includes 8 glass markers and two dripless wine pourers.  

  • The Wine Tasting Gift Set is the ideal set to use when planning a wine tasting at home
  • Sets features a wine aerator that adds oxygen to the wine while pouring, enhancing flavor
  • Includes a Snap Thermometer that "snaps" onto any wine bottle and reads the bottle temperature; features a wine temperature index on the reverse side
  • Includes two crystal wine pourers that fit most screw-top and cork bottles
  • 8 unique glass markers are included so each guest can identify their own wine glass