Twang-A-Rita Classic Margarita Salt 7oz



Spice up your signature cocktails with this classic rimming salt! These coarse salt crystals provide the perfect sparkle and flavor contrast for any margarita, tequila shot or tropical summer cocktail. Featuring a tight-sealing lid, this sturdy tub ensures that your salt will remain dry, so there's no need for storing in a separate container. This convenient 7 oz. container could even be used directly as a glass rimmer - it's just the right size and shape for dipping glasses without having to use an alternate rimming dish! With almost no effort, you can produce a traditional, tasty margarita that is sure to satisfy even the most selective cocktail-lovers. 

  • Tightly-sealing lid keeps salt dry
  • Perfect sized container for dipping bar glasses
  • Classic salt flavor; 100% Kosher flake salt
  • Quantity: One 7 oz tub 
  • Use this classic rimming salt to enhance the presentation and flavor of your specialty margaritas