Tough Bird Feeder Guard Squirrel Deterrent

Cole's Wild Bird Products Co


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Finally, it’s so easy to stop the squirrels! No bulky cans or ugly pan baffles on your feeder pole. You don’t have to buy one of those large, expensive feeders that claim to be squirrel proof. All you need is your favorite feeder, your regular feeder pole and your new best friend, the Feeder Guard. Just snap it on, turn it on and squirrels are gone. When an animal attempts to climb past the Feeder Guard the animal receives a static shock and jumps off. The electric pulse is similar to the static shock you get from door handles on a dry winter day. It is effective but harmless to the animals. The animals quickly learn not to climb the pole.  

The Feeder Guard will also protect bird houses mounted on poles and plants hanging on shepherd poles. Only the Feeder Guard tube is affected. Your bird feeder and pole are safe to touch at all times!

  • Fits all poles up to 1" diameter and square rods up to 11/16″ wide