Swirl Tray Copper Bird Feeder

Songbird Essentials


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The amazing qualities of our copper feeders can't be beat! Handcrafted in the USA and extremely durable, these Swirl Tray Feeders are heirloom quality. Rust proof, won't chip or break, and they're naturally antibacterial. The Copper Swirl Tray Feeder is ready-to-use as you see it. Simply add your favorite seed to the tray, stack seed cakes or a seed cylinder and use the included copper hook to hang the feeder in your favorite viewing area. The tray has 10 small holes drilled in it so that water won't pool up in the tray. Its all-weather construction stands up to the elements year round. Many wild birds eat seed, so you'll likely see a huge variety of birds using this feeder.

  • Made of solid copper
  • Dimensions: 10" D x 9" H
  • Weight: 0.91 lb 
  • Handmade in the USA