Squirrel Be Gone Wild Bird Feeder

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The Squirrel Be Gone Wild Bird Feeder combines innovative squirrel-resistant features with attractive design to create a feeding station that is truly unparalleled. It features six feeding ports evenly spaced around the reservoir so multiple birds can dine at the same time and you can enjoy a better view. Plus, birds will enjoy taking a break on its comfortable U-shaped perches. To offer defense against squirrels, this feeder boasts multiple great features. First, this feeder’s weight-activated system is calibrated to support the weight of birds but not squirrels. When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the cage is pulled down, causing the decorative leaves to cover the ports. In addition, the metal cage prevents squirrel chewing and damage. The clear design makes it easy to monitor the seed levels at a glance so you never run out during peak feeding times.

With its rustic powder coating and decorative leaf-themed design, this feeder will make a charming addition in any backyard setting. Simply hang using the convenient built-in hanging cord!  

  • All-metal, weight-activated cage closes off ports to resist squirrels
  • Six feeding ports with U-shaped perches allow multiple birds to dine
  • Powder-coated finish offers rust resistance for durability
  • Rustic leaf design is both attractive and functional
  • 2 lb seed capacity 
  • Dimensions: 7" D x 19" H