Rodney Bobbing Head Bamboo Wind Chime

Cohasset Gifts

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The Rodney Bobbing Head Bamboo Wind Chime is very animated and fun to watch move in the wind. His head moves around to the even the slightest breeze. Cohasset Gifts offers many different paint styles in the Bobbing Head Bird Collection. This particular pattern we call “Rodney”, he is the only Cohasset Bobbing Head Bird with a fish as a counterweight. Rodney will try to catch the fish all day long. 

The wind chime is hand carved and hand painted with non-toxic finishes. It has 3 hand tuned, bamboo tubes that produce a soothing, natural tone. Bamboo chimes are a natural and environmentally friendly way to relieve stress, with tones that will soothe the soul and emulate relaxing sounds like rain or exotic drums. Perfect for your outdoor garden, porch, patio, deck, or even hang one in a favorite tree.  

  • Includes 3 bamboo tubes with a wood striker
  • Bamboo tubes are hand tuned for a warm relaxing tone
  • Made of eco-friendly, fast growing bamboo 
  • Hand crafted by artisans on the beautiful island of Bali 
  • Overall hanging length 36 inches