Purple Martin Daytime Chatter CD

Purple Martin Conservation Association


Purple Martin Daytime Chatter CD - For Attracting Martins

The Dawnsong and Daytime Chatter CDs, along with the Decoys, are the best tools for attracting martins to your colony site. Purple Martins like to nest in groups, these CDs and decoys will help bring in nearby martins to inspect your colony site—hopefully they will like what they see!  The Daytime Chatter CD offers sounds of a thriving colony site. 

This recording has helped thousands of folks become martin landlords when played loudly from outdoor speakers or a boombox. Any martin within hearing range will be lured in to investigate.

The CD is 74 minutes and also comes with 16 pages of instructions nestled inside the front cover of the CD.

Especially effective when used along with decoys, the recording was produced at the Library of Natural Sounds of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Playing this recording for one or two hours before dawn is ideal, but it can also be played any time of day during the two to four month period when migrating martins are arriving.