Purple Martin Dawnsong CD

Purple Martin Conservation Association


Purple Martin Dawnsong CD - For Attracting Martins

This authentic Cornell Lab of Ornithology sound studio recording has helped thousands of folks become martin landlords when played loudly from outdoor speakers or a boombox. Any martin within hearing range will be lured in to investigate.

  • Produced at the library of Natural Sounds of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornitholoy from master tapes provided by Dr. Eugene S. Morton of the Smithsonian Institute.
  • Produced in collaboration with the PMCA.
  • The CD is 74 minutes.
  • CD includes with free 16 page detailed instruction booklet nestled inside the front cover of the CD.
  • Especially effective when used along with decoys
  • Playing this recording for one or two hours before dawn is ideal, but it can also be played any time of day during the two to four month period when migrating martins are arriving.