Owl Polished Copper Rain Chain 8.5 ft

Good Directions


With expressive wide eyes and round compact bodies, it’s not hard to see why owls are so popular these days! Our Pure Copper Owl Rain Chain is a visually appealing alternative to a traditional gutter downspout. These hand crafted copper owls are cute and functional, channeling water from your rooftop to the ground. Enjoy the soothing trickle of water during light showers and the flow of cascading water as heavier rain travels down the rain chain. The intermingling of rain and chain create sounds that are delightful to the ears. Bring The Joy of Outdoor Living to your home with this heirloom–quality piece. 

  • Enjoy the beauty of handcrafted Pure Copper Rain Chains.
  • 22 Gauge Pure Copper
  • Dimensions: Owl 3" x 3.5", 8.5' Long
  • Easy to install, (installation clip included).
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Copper develops a beautiful patina over time.