Original Hummingbird Swing - Black

Pop's Hummingbird Swings


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The first hummingbird swing EVER CREATED and our most popular style! Classic design, durable powder-coated material with a hand-stained dowel. 

Just place the swing next to a feeder or nectar-rich flowering plant and hummingbirds will actually use the swing as a perching spot to watch over their food source! I know its hard to believe -- but hummingbirds already spend about 80% of their time perching in trees. By placing the swing next to a feeder you can create an ideal perching spot that is closer to their food source and ultimately closer to your viewing enjoyment.

The swing is made of a durable .105 diameter gauge wire then powder-coated classic flat black. The walnut-stained birch dowel holds up to the demands of weather while complimenting the antique style of the swing.  

Hook included for hanging 
Dimensions: 5.25" W x 0.25" D x 6.62" H  
Weight: 0.17 lb