Magnum Steel Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder



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Clinging birds will love the Green Steel Magnum Sunflower Bird Feeder. The all steel construction is built to last. Fill with up to 3 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds, peanuts or cracked corn. The ¼” spacing of the steel mesh provides a sturdy structure and offers plenty of room for smaller birds to cling and dine. It is easy to fill and clean this feeder by sliding the metal roof up the included hanger.

  • Hunter Green Steel cap and base
  • Capacity: 3 lb
  • Made in USA 
  • Heavy duty hanging cable and hook 
  • Dimensions: 11" D x 14.5" H 
  • Weight: 1.95 lb

Feeder attracts cardinals, flickers, goldfinches, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, nuthatches, redpolls, sparrows, starlings, titmice, wrens, and many others.