Journey to the Northwoods Nature CD

Naturescapes Music

SKU: NS014

A Journey Away from Stress and Into the Harmony of Nature. Soothing and inspiring instrumental music is carefully blended with relaxing nature sounds for a calming journey and listening experience. 

Listen to the haunting calls of loons as you paddle across a misty lake. As you travel upstream, beautiful melodies gently guide you as you journey deeper into the woodlands. Contemporary compositions performed on guitar, flute, oboe, piano and strings.

Features: Authentic field recordings made in the pristine woodlands of northern Wisconsin and upper Minnesota. Loons, sparrows, crows, chickadees, woodpeckers, blue jays, barred owl, squirrels, crickets, frogs, katydid, thunderstorm, Lake Superior, various lakes, waterfalls and wind.

Total Time: 57:19