Glass Tree w/Enamel Wine Charms 8 inch

LS Arts Inc

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Glass Christmas Tree with Enamel Holiday Wine Charms 8" Gift Box 

Spread some Holiday cheer with a beautiful hand-crafted Crystal Glass Christmas tree. This festive Green Glass Christmas Tree with gold tipped star features 12 removable Enamel Holiday Wine Glass Charm ornaments and a stable base. 
Each art-glass piece is uniquely handmade by skilled artisans in the old world tradition, making each piece a one of a kind treasure. The perfect gift or decoration for home, office, desk, or table. Enjoy this special item year after year. 

  • Perfect gift for a co-worker, dear friend or a wine lover 
  • Enclosed in a foam-lined gift box that protects and can be used to store the tree   
  • Dimensions: 8" H