Elephant/Mouse Reversible Kids Sun Hat Small

Luvali Convertibles/Flap Jack Kids


Elephant/Mouse - Size Small (6 mos - 2 yrs) - Circumference 20 inches

Despite one sweet, furry creature, there is nothing mousy about this hat. Pack your trunk for the circus because Perfect Performance Purple and Snow Cone Pink combine in a real showstopper in this durable and reversible circus themed bucket hat. This reversible kids sun hat features a beautifully embroidered elephant on one side and a mouse on the other.

Our reversible kids sun hats are made with 100 percent cotton, have a clever embroidered saying on the front as indicated and reversible chin straps for small and medium sizes. UPF 50+ sun protection.


2-in-1 reversible kids sun hat design

Reversible chin straps (for small and medium sizes)

100% cotton - UPF 50+ 

Side 1:

Sun hat color: Pink 

Embroidered image: Elephant - 
Embroidered text: “UNFORGETTABLE”

Side 2:

Sun hat color: Purple 

Embroidered image: Mouse - 
Embroidered text: “BIG CHEESE’”