Echoes of the Loon Naturescapes CD

Naturescapes Music

SKU: NS015

Naturescapes has the largest collection of Pure Nature recordings including our Songbirds Series featuring birds from our backyards, forests and jungles all over the world.

Listen to the haunting sound of loons on a misty northern lake as you wake in the morning. The sounds of songbirds and grasshoppers join in against gentle, lapping waves on the shore. A thunderstorm approaches, cools the day and fades into a beautiful sunset where the loons serenade into the night. Authentic recordings made in the pristine Northwoods of Northern Wisconsin and upper Minnesota.

Loons, red-tailed hawk, sparrows, crows, woodpeckers, blue jays, barred owl, squirrels, crickets, frogs, thunderstorm, the sounds of Madeline Island and Lake Superior.

Total Time: 60:00