Dr JBs Switchable Hummingbird Feeder 80 oz

Songbird Essentials

SKU: SE6037

The Dr JBs Switchable Hummingbird Feeder features a very large 2.5 quart capacity. It has a wide 'olive jar size' mouth for easy cleaning and filling and is dishwasher safe. It doesn't leak, making it bee and wasp free. This feeder offers interchangeable nectar bottles that allow you to cater to increased nectar consumption during migration season.  

  • Capacity: 80 oz plastic nectar bottle 
  • 4 feeding stations 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Interchangeable 32 oz & 48 oz sold separately 
  • Dimensions: 7" D x 12.5" H
  • Weight: 0.91 lb 
  • Made in USA