Chimes of Patagonia Wind Chime

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This lively wind chime is tuned to the final notes of La Cumparsita, tango's most famous melody. 

The splendor of the Patagonian landscape, with its windswept foothills, glaciers and mountain lakes is as breathtaking as a night in Buenos Aires where intoxicating sounds of the tango fill the warm night air. Listening to this windchime you can imagine a pair of dancers gliding across the floor in a conspiratorial embrace, as if they are the only two on the planet who know anything at all about love. With our Chimes of Patagonia, you may ignite the feelings of love and splendor right in your very own living room or veranda. This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee. 

  • Dimensions: 18 in. Overall Length
  • Material: Bubinga finish ash wood, 6 bronze aluminum tubes