Cheese Slicer & Rind Peeler White/Green

Vacu Vin


The Cheese Slicer & Rind Peeler 2 in 1 makes slicing cheese safe and easy. The Cheese Slicer makes smooth, even slices while the built-in Rind Peeler quickly removes the undesirable rind from your cheese. A must-have tool for every cheese lover. 

  • Two tools in one! A stainless-steel Cheese Slicer and Rind Peeler
  • The stainless-steel Cheese Slicer cuts perfectly thin, even slices of cheese every time
  • The Rind Peeler quickly and easily removes the hard rind from the outside of your favorite cheese
  • Space saving design cuts down on clutter in your kitchen
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Rind Peeler stored in handle