Around the Birdfeeder 35 Piece Tray Puzzle

Outset Media Games

SKU: OM58848

Around the Birdfeeder is a 35 piece Nature Habitat tray puzzle. Our Habitat tray puzzles include interesting facts about the image, which can be found on the back of the tray. When all the puzzle pieces are removed from the tray, one can see the entire image in a sepia tone.  This helps the wee ones put the pieces back in the proper place. 

A tray puzzle has a hard, durable board that acts as a place to store the puzzle, as well as a guideline for assembly. When the thick puzzle pieces are removed from the tray, a finished image can be seen printed on the tray. This helps people to see where the puzzle pieces should be placed. A tray puzzle's pieces fit securely within the frame making it a great travel activity. The puzzle can also be assembled without the puzzle board tray for more of a challenge. The back of the tray features fun facts and info about the birds around the birdfeeder. Tray puzzles are not only fun, they are educational and improve motor skills. Seniors and kids alike both enjoy this fun puzzling activity! 

  • 35 Piece Jigsaw Tray Puzzle
  • Tray size: 14" x 10" 
  • Made in USA